TikTok Fitness Influencer Endorses Raw High-Protein Breakfast Of Eggs And Beef Brain

Weam Brieche has gone viral on TikTok after sharing an unorthodox breakfast plan.

TikTok has been a social media platform where users can show off different lifts, workout plans, and diets. Yes, some of the diets have been unorthodox and Weam Brieche might be near the top of the list with his breakfast plans. The fitness influencer has shown off his crazy meals including raw eggs and raw beef brain.

Brieche has a reason for this meal as he is showing viewers a way to get high levels of protein even when there is little time to cook in the mornings. As expected, this is a video that has gained plenty of notice on TikTok. The original video was posted on March 14 and has nearly 14 million views. Brieche has continued this series on his account showing off different meals including raw items.

“How to eat a high-protein breakfast when you do not have time to cook. Six raw eggs and a raw beef brain. 110 grams of protein. 1,100 calories.”

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Weam Brieche kept the video short and sweet explaining all of the necessary information before chomping on the raw beef brain and taking a sip of the eggs. This sparked some intriguing responses in the comments where viewers were able to share their opinions. There were some who would be willing to try and drink the raw eggs but did not think the brain looked as appetizing.

Brian Johnson, known as Liver King, is the most famous figure when it comes to strange ways of eating. Johnson has always spoke highly of “ancestorial” ways of living. This includes eating the way it was introduced by our forefathers. It seems as though Johnson is not the only person who thinks this way and it could become a trend for certain influencers.

It is clear that Brieche also promotes eating raw foods to gain protein. While raw meat is usually advertised as a way to contract different illnesses, Brieche believes that it is beneficial if it is well sourced. Also, he has made it clear on his social media accounts that he is not a doctor and should not be sourced for medical advice.

This is something that Weam Brieche has continued to show on his TikTok account since his original video has gone viral over the last two weeks. He believes that this could be beneficial for any viewers that are willing to try the unorthodox foods for breakfast. It will be interesting to see what concoction is cooked up next by Brieche.

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