Tired Of Being “Punked” By CM? Looks Like He Might Have Found An Opponent

CM Punk

Tick Tick Tick

The clock has been ticking on the 37 year old former WWE star CM Punk (Phillip Jack Brooks) for a while now but it seems like his first match might finally be drawing near. After signing Punk in 2014, Dana White has been scouting for an opponent for the fighters MMA debut with no luck. The already tricky process of matching up a fighter with no prior fighting experience with a suitable opponent has been exacerbated by a shoulder injury sustained by Punk during training camp. However, in the latest episode of “Looking For A Fight”, an online series featuring White, Matt Sierra, and “Nick The Tooth”, made with the sole purpose of finding that opponent, it looks like Dana might have a winner. And his name was Robert Paulson…oh sorry, that’s fight club, not the fight business; and his name is Mickey Gall (that sounds more like it). Mickey Gall

“Hey Dana White, I don’t know if CM Punk has an opponent, but I would love to fight that man, CM Punk. Hey, CM Punk, I’m 1-0,” Gall shouted following his first professional victory.

Mickey is a welterweight fighter based out of New Jersey fighting out of Millers Brothers MMA – yes the Gym owned and operated by one of the most famous Millers not followed by “lite” in MMA, Jim and Dan Miller. While nothing is exactly set in stone, after the call out Dana did mention he was “interested” and with an unofficial expected fight time of UFC 200 fastly approaching this looks like the most promising prospect yet. https://youtu.be/ZMh6GlNaAjU With the CM Punk hype train already losing steam if this fight doesn’t get made by UFC 200 I feel the UFC has a lot to lose. ¬†After the injury setback we need something concrete. I get it, people will tune in to see the essentially pros vs joes experiment that is Punk’s contract but remember this is the age of fast technology, if it’s 5 minutes ago, it’s old, and CM Punk is on 4:58, and counting… What do you guys think? Is this the last stop for the CM Punk hype train or do you think he’s a cash cow now matter what? Catch all the webisodes of “Looking For A Fight” on UFC fight pass.