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The King of bodybuilding gets some TMZ buzz for the sport.

Bodybuilding isn’t something that often gets publicized outside of the usual circuits. Flex Magazine, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness – and of course Genenation Iron are all websites that stick pretty close to the hardcore bodybuilding fans. So it’s always nice when some bodybuilding buzz gets out into the wider social sphere. It happened with films like Pumping Iron and even a recent Phil Heath interview on national TV. Well today the sport is getting a little bit of a different highlight on the one and only celebrity news website TMZ.

Now we all know that TMZ probably knows nothing about bodybuilding… and well, it shows. A TMZ reporter caught Ronnie Coleman on camera and threw a few questions at him. These aren’t the hardest hitting questions. It almost seems like the interviewer didn’t have anything prepared. Simple questions about shaving and a borderline racist remark about Coleman tanning for the stage all point towards the “freak” aspect of massive bodybuilders. You can tell Ronnie Coleman is getting a kick out of it. Check it out yourself:

TMZ might not be the most prestigious news website – but no publicity is bad publicity right? It’s nice to know that TMZ even knew who Ronnie Coleman is – even if the questions were… sub par to say the least. How do you guys feel about this TMZ attention? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also sound off in our forum by clicking the banner below!

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