WATCH: Tom Stoltman Laps A 300kg Atlas Stone

Strongman Tom Stoltman took another step toward accomplishing an incredible feat.

It is no surprise to see strongman Tom Stoltman attempting, and pulling off, something crazy with an Atlas stone. In a recent Instagram post, Stoltman is seen lapping a 300kg (661.4lb) stone — and he did it with ease.

The video continues with Tom Stoltman explaining that this lift took place before the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition. Stoltman made it clear that he wants to become the first person ever to load a 300kg stone. In the video, Stoltman makes the life look easy and that might make some question how difficult it actually is. To put it in perspective, it is unknown if a 300kg Atlas stone has ever been lifted off the ground before.


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The Scottish strongman, known as the “King of Stones,” is no stranger to world records. He currently holds the Atlas stone record of 286kg (630.5lb). Since taking over this mark at the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats Of Strength”, Stoltman has been working his way up to the 300kg mark. Stoltman won the 2021 World’s Strongest Man and will attempt to go back-to-back at the 2022 competition. It is unknown if he will try to break his own record at the event.

In the video, Stoltman reveals that he believes he could lift a 310kg (683.4lb) stone with the right preparation for about three months. After watching his recent lift in rather casual clothing and what seemed to be minimal effort, it is hard to argue with his claim.

Tom Stoltman has had great success during the WSM competitions. He has appeared in four and has three top-five finishes. This includes coming in second in 2020, behind Oleksii Novikov, and his victory in 2021. There will be another chance to see something incredible during the 2022 competition.

We know that Stoltman has his eye on the 300kg lift but we will have to wait and see when he attempts to pull it off. One thing that is certain is that when Tom Stoltman steps up to an Atlas stone, there should be plenty of eyes on him.

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