PNBA bodybuilder Tommi Thompson is prepping for the World Championships In Florence, Italy… and shares some of his contest prep tips before the big night.

This weekend holds the INBA/PNBA Pro/Am World Championships in Florence, Italy. It’s one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions of the year for the league – and a huge opportunity for athletes to qualify for the Natural Olympia. It’s also a great moment for bodybuilders to represent their country during a varied international event. In our latest GI Exclusive, we sat down with Tommi Thompson to discuss his bodybuilding journey, contest prep breakdown, and how he burns fat without losing muscle the all-natural way.

Tommi Thompson is a Men’s Open bodybuilder in the INBA/PNBA natural bodybuilding league. He’s been a rising star in the sport – with the benefit of being trained by former Natural Olympia champion Philip Ricardo Jr. Thompson is looking to make waves this year – and the upcoming World Championships this weekend is his first big opportunity to take it to the next level.

During our interview we go into detail about Tommi Thompson’s bodybuilding origins, how Philip Ricardo Jr. became his coach, and why he chose to go all-natural and compete in the INBA/PNBA league. You can watch his comments on this and more in the video above. But for now – we wanted to focus on his tips and strategies for cutting fat and keeping muscle while remaining an all-natural athlete.

How to naturally burn fat and maintain muscle

Tommi Thompson will be the first person to tell you that the journey of being a pro bodybuilder is to be an eternal student. Every year and every new competitive season, Thompson is adjusting and reformulating how to improve his physique even further. The same is true for his tactics during contest prep and cutting weight. The goal is to lose weight and get shredded without burning away that hard earned muscle.

With the INBA/PNBA being a tested league, there are less supplemental options to help during the cutting phase of bodybuilding. So what is Thompson’s current strategy for burning fat without losing muscle? He currently focuses on consistently maintaining heavy reps.

Typically, trainers would suggest that reps increase and weight decreases during the cutting phase of contest prep. But Tommi Thompson wants to try and keep his weight heavy so that his muscle maintains the massive size he’s built earlier in the season. He does combine this with cardio in order to get that extra edge on hardening up his physique.

What might be most shocking is that Thompson reveals he does 90 minutes of cardio each day. That’s a lot of cardio compared to the standard in bodybuilding. There are even some pros who avoid cardio completely. Thompson is aware of this – and knows that too much cardio can start cannibalizing muscle. That’s why every week he steps back and reevaluates his body and adjusts accordingly.

Sometimes he may pull back on cardio for the week. Or perhaps another week he will lighten the weight and increase reps. Like a sculpter making a statue – he continues to adjust and mold his approach until he puts together the perfect package.

Wrap Up

Tommi Thompson is a promising young bodybuilder with a lot of momentum behind him. He’ll put his latest training and diet tactics to the test this weekend when he competes at the World Championships in Florence, Italy. Only time will tell what kind of impact he will have on the league and the sport.

Until then, you can watch Tommi Thompson go into detail about his contest prep tactics, as well as many other topics, in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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