Tony Huge discusses how his methods, and the world, would change if regulations on steroids and SARMS were lifted.

Tony Huge is a controversial figure due to his underground drug and bodybuilding experiments. He takes regulated and illegal drugs such as steroids and tests them on volunteers to discover their true potential. He does this because he believes that credited science spreads misinformation about these substances. With the release of Enhanced 2 The Max, the controversy surrounding Tony Huge has risen. Some find him to be a man speaking truth in a world suppressing info about steroids and PEDs; others find him to be a dangerous man who will get someone killed. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Tony Huge explains how his methods would change if regulations were lifted on illegal performance enhancing drugs.

When asked how things would change if steroids and other performance enhancing drugs were made legal – Tony Huge starts off by saying that would likely never happen. He explains that for these kinds of drugs to become legal, the culture would have to change significantly. Furthermore, he thinks the culture can only change if larger corporations found a way to make money off of a change. Tony believes major corporations control what can and can’t be spread among the populous – so until that happens substances like steroids will likely stay regulated for a long time.

To further prove his point, Tony Huge explains how he has done experiments that prove certain performance enhancing drugs actually have major benefits outside of sports and bodybuilding. He claims that he has used SARMS, for instance, to cure certain diseases outside of bodybuilding enhancements. But, in his words, the government and big pharma have no interest in helping cure diseases… unless they can make a huge profit off of it. So ultimately substances like SARMS stay unnoticed for their bigger potential.

It should be noted that there actually have been official studies into the potential for SARMS to help cure disease. Specifically with muscle degeneration and even certain forms of cancer. While certain studies claim to show “promise” – it’s far from the obvious cure-all drug that could vastly change how certain diseases are handled. At least at this current time with the information studied.

Regardless of Tony Huge’s thoughts on the current suppression of research into steroids and other drugs, Tony does go on to answer how he would change his methods should these substances suddenly become legal. He claims that he would simply move onto the next suppressed substance. He believes no matter how much progress we make as a nation or in the world, there will always be something new that is being suppressed. He believes it’s his job to continue to spread the truth in areas shrouded in darkness.

Do you think Tony is truly spreading truth? Or simply over-exaggerating and perhaps even sharing complete misinformation? Watch our full GI Exclusive interview segment with Tony Huge above!

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