Tony Huge loves transgender athletes in powerlifting because it will disrupt the system and make us look at steroids in sports differently.

Over the past year or so, the subject of transgender athletes has become a hot button issue – particularly in strength sports like powerlifting. Leagues must now decide if a transgender athlete can compete in their gender identity. For example, a transgender woman powerlifter competing against other women instead of men. While leagues may be perfectly fine to let a person engage in the sport as their gender identity rather than born genetic identity, the question becomes if the athlete will gain an unfair advantage genetically. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Tony Huge discusses why he’s more than happy to see transgender athletes compete as it will force people to look at steroids differently in sports.

Tony Huge is a man rebelling against the system. He believes that most government systems, particularly the US government, have an agenda against true change especially when it comes to the pharma industry. He believes that steroids are no where near as dangerous as the world believes, and that it can actually evolve the future of mankind in amazing ways.

That’s why Tony Huge is a huge proponent for letting transgender athletes in powerlifting compete in their self identified gender. Why? Because it disrupts the system that only sees in black and white. Tony argues that by allowing transgender athletes to compete, it makes society start looking at hormones, genetics, and drugs in sports very differently.

A huge argument against transgenders competing in their self identified gender is that it will make the sport unfair. A person born as a man will have a genetic advantage competing against women for example. But Tony Huge makes a point to ask – how is that different than a woman who naturally produces more testosterone? Do we consider her someone who cannot compete in her gender category because it’s “unfair?”

It’s this kind of grey area he hopes the world starts considering in the world of sports. Why are we demonizing steroids in sports when there are tones of people already taking these drugs to, for example, change their gender. Just as the world is slowly changing its view on how it sees gender (now more of a spectrum than a black and white man or woman situation), the world should start seeing the spectrum of drug use in sports. Perhaps steroids are not as black and white as “good or bad” as the government and society leads us to believe.

On the contrary, Tony Huge might be making a bit of a leap here. Steroid use to gain an advantage in sports could be potentially unhealthy if overused – and a competitive atmosphere can largely create an environment where athletes start to risk their health. It all depends on what side of the line you fall on. Do you believe the current studies that showcase steroid use as risky for long term health? Or do you believe Tony Huge’s claims that these studies are misleading?

If anything, Tony Huge is right about one thing. Transgender athletes are indeed disrupting the system. And it will force society to start thinking about sports differently. How it will exactly change sports down the road is currently unclear. Tony remains hopeful that it may change the world of drugs in sports one day.

Check out Tony Huge’s full response in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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