Tony Pearson recalls the moment his entire life changed by gaining the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    In this clip, Tony Pearson recounts the moment that he not only gained the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger – but impressed him with the potential of his physique. One workout later, and Pearson’s entire bodybuilding career was about to change. You can watch the clip above!

DRIVEN: The Tony Pearson Story is just over two weeks away from its October 6th release date. To help make the wait easier, Generation Iron Network has released an exclusive clip from the film showcasing a pivotal moment in Tony Pearson’s life. Naturally, that moment involved the most legendary bodybuilder of all time – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How Tony Pearson Impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tony Pearson had a abusive and traumatic childhood. Bodybuilding was his only escape – and with that singular passion he eventually left his hometown and moved to California. But with virtually no money in his pocket, Pearson’s start in California was not an easy one. Luckily, muscle beach in Venice was cheap. No matter how hard things became – Pearson was always able to train at Muscle Beach.

This eventually led to a singular moment that changed Tony Pearson’s entire bodybuilding career. While training at Muscle Beach, he noticed the crowd watching him more than usually. In fact, they were staring right behind him. Pearson turned around to see Arnold Schwarzenegger approaching him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had noticed Tony Pearson training at Muscle Beach. He was impressed by what he saw. Not only Pearson’s physique but his work ethic. As Pearson put it, Schwarzenegger stated that he saw “real potential” in Tony Pearson.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then invited Tony Pearson to train together for the day. This workout alone was a memorable moment for Pearson. But what happened next catapulted his trajectory in bodybuilding to the next level. Schwarzenegger wrote down a name, phone number, and address. It was for Joe Weider. Schwarzenegger told Pearson to visit Joe and to tell him that “Arnold sent you.”

Tony Pearson did just that, this led to a featured story in one of Weider’s magazines. Giving Pearson exposure that he had not ever received previously. It was the first major step of gaining the attention of the competitive bodybuilding world. One that would continue to grow until he became a world champion.

DRIVEN: The Tony Pearson Story Synopsis

Tony Pearson was once called the “Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding” due to his appearance and incredible posing routines. He became an icon that helped define professional bodybuilding in the 1980s.

Now Tony enters his final competition at the age of 63 while also recalling the harrowing child abuse that led to his inner, and ultimately outer, strength. DRIVEN shows how a person can rise above their situation and be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually… simply by picking up a weight.

How To Watch

DRIVEN: The Tony Pearson Story will be available October 6th, 2023 on all major digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play, VUDU, and Vimeo on Demand. You can pre-order the film today right here or by clicking the banner below.

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