Top 30 Muscle Movies (#28)

afghan-bodybuilder#28. Afghan Muscles (Andreas Møl Dalsgaard, 2006)

After the overthrow of the Taliban government, bodybuilding became a largely celebrated sport in Afghanistan. Following the lives of two Afghan bodybuilding champions, Afghan Muscles follows Hamidullah Shirzai and Noorulhoda Shirzad as they train for the 2004 Mr. Asia competition. Suffering from a lack of financial support and problems gaining access to supplements, the two men must carve through impossible obstacles and the ongoing military conflict to train for greatness.

Afghan Muscles presents an intimate look at two men struggling to become great in a country clouded in terror and unrest. This film will greatly change your opinion on the people who call the troubled country of Afghanistan home as you go through a difficult and rewarding journey with them – the goals these men create will make you reevaluate your own.

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