King Kamali shares the five most vital tips to succeed as a bodybuilder.


When researching and discussing how to be a successful bodybuilder, the amount of details could become overwhelming. That’s because contrary to mainstream belief, bodybuilding is not just “picking things up and putting them down.” There is a lot of knowledge that goes into perfecting the human body ranging from nutrition, training, supplementation, and rest periods.

While all of the details are very important – it could also be helpful to find a way to break it down into something simpler that’s easy to swallow. That’s why King Kamali has revealed his top 5 secrets to bodybuilding success in our latest King’s World episode. Don’t be fooled. This is not a trick or a shortcut towards success. It doesn’t ignore the hard work and knowledge that needs to go into your bodybuilding lifestyle. Rather, it highlights some key elements that you may be missing to get you on track.

In a world where bodybuilding is growing more popular by the year – there is more competition than ever to stand out with a stellar physique. That’s why King Kamali’s past experience is being put to good use to help get anyone who’s willing to watch an edge ahead of the rest.

Here’s the best part – this isn’t just a lackluster and general list of obvious key tips. King Kamali always makes a point to bring the honest truth. He brings that to his opinions and certainly brings that to his advice. Each of these five bodybuilding secrets are explained in detail so you can follow along and hopefully maximize your bodybuilding lifestyle.

Check out King Kamali’s full breakdown of his top 5 bodybuilding secrets in our latest episode of King’s World above!