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Who is making the most cash-money?

Once a person decides to become a full fledged bodybuilder, a lot of sacrifices need to be made. At a certain point, lifting weights and pumping iron becomes your full time job. But does that job pay well? How do bodybuilders maintain a safe and comfortable lifestyle while also dedicating all of their time to bodybuilding?

Once you hit pro – you can start making money off of competitions. And if you’re really good – you can start getting sponsorships and receive monetary compensation from that. That’s when you start making the big bucks.

But the real question is: how much do the superstars make? The 8x Olympia champions. The icons of bodybuilding throughout history? Here’s a list of the top 9 richest bodybuilders of all time and how much they are worth. Maybe some of these numbers will inspire you to pump a little bit harder.

#9. Ronnie Coleman – $10 Million

Generation Iron Ronnie Coleman WeightsCourtesy of The Richest.

Being an 8x Olympia champion comes with a lot of perks. One of which is piling up a whole lot of money. Eight years of winning the Sandow prize money on top of some high profile sponsorships help a whole bunch towards building that massive net worth. On top of that, Coleman has a B.S. in accounting – so he probably knows how to handle his money. Allowing him to enjoy a wonderfully comfortable life even after his reign as an Olympia champion.

#8. Jay Cutler – $30 Million

Generation Iron Jay Cutler MusclesCourtesy of Beast Motivation.

While Jay Cutler has only accrued half the amount of Sandow trophies than Coleman’s eight – yet was able to use business finesse to be worth triple. Maybe placing second to Coleman four years in a row made him out for financial revenge. But how did Cutler make all that extra cash with only half the wins? He developed his own style of personal branding and was featured on dozens of international magazines and DVDs – taking him straight on the road to being a millionaire.

#7. Joe Weider – $35 Million

Generation Iron Joe Weider MusclesCourtesy of Dimension Today.

This one is obvious, although maybe you’d be surprised how low it is on this list. Joe Weider is a legend in the world of bodybuilding – and in many ways the father of it. How did he make such a large net worth? Through founding many leading bodybuilding competitions including the biggest bodybuilding championship in the world – Mr. Olympia. Not to mention that he publish a variety of bodybuilding magazines, some of which still exist to this day.

#6. Rich Gaspari – $90 Million

Generation Iron Rich Gaspari  RichCourtesy of The Richest.

Rich Gaspari may have never won a Mr. Olympia competition – so his net worth on this list may seem very shocking. But while he didn’t ever win the massive cash prizes of the Olympia gold – he did invest his pro bodybuilding earnings into his own supplement company, Gaspari Nutrition which went on to include a slew of popular supplements – and made him a ton of cash along the way.

#5-1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – $300 Million

Generation Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger redPhoto courtesy of The Richest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is such a massive superstar, both in style and career, that he earned numbers one through five on our list. He is reported to be worth 300 million dollars – but we wouldn’t be surprised if he was worth much more. Between being a 7x Olympia champion, mega icon action movie star, and the governor of California for two terms – there’s not even a question as to how Schwarzenegger earned his gigantic net worth. Even now that he is out of politics, he is still making action movies. He is still a star, still an icon, and deserves all of the wealth he has earned in his lifetime.


Now that you’ve seen the numbers, are you hungry to be the next bodybuilding superstar? Never stop pumping friends. Maybe one day we’ll be reporting an updated list with your name on it. All of the net worth estimates were reported by To receive the most up-to-date bodybuilding information – make sure to follow us on our official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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