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The reasons Instagram has such a loyal and engaged audiences are the beautiful ladies and their belfies. There is no such thing as too many ‘hot pictures’. With so many aspiring fitness girls on Instagram, you don’t want to be spending all your time on finding the best one.

We decided to help you find your perfect match. This is the top female fitness model you should be following on Instagram –

The summer is magic☀️? – How tall do you think I am? Cuanto crees tu cuanto mido? By @lee_lhgfx

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Michelle Lewin is one of the most recognized fitness athletes and models. If you’re into fitness and follow the major websites, publications, YouTube channels or magazines, we’re sure you are familiar with her face.

Michelle has 12.3 Million followers on Instagram, and they are increasing every single second. She is the goddess of curves and has a swarm of fans eagerly waiting to double tap on her newest uploads.

If you’re on Instagram and are not following her, you’re missing out on a lot. Michelle can be credited with many life changing transformations. She’s much more than just a pretty face and a hot body.

Lewin posts motivation stuff which can get you to the gym. With her Instagram posts, she can push you to work for a better body and a better life. Her helpful and informative workout videos and posts make her one of the top female fitness athletes to follow.

Solid Sunday

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We won’t be surprised if you push your girl to start working out after you follow Michelle. If just looking at her physique won’t get you into the gym, we don’t know what will. Her curves are to die for.

Michelle is so much more than just a gym rat. If you’re not into working out in the gym, she is the one you should be following. You will never get tired of the stuff she puts out for her fans.

Small tricks when bikini's too big?? -Trucos pequeños cuando el bikini te queda grande ?

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Lewin isn’t scared to make fun of herself. She regularly shares the fun moments from her days. This shows no one is perfect and she embraces this idea. Michelle doesn’t want you to think of her as an outlier. She pushes you to achieve and do more with every post.

We think there is a Superwoman and it is her. So, you thought fitness wasn’t for the nerdy? What is your excuse to not working out now? We wouldn’t be worried for a second if we knew she was there to save the world.

As black as it gets

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Doing everything right. We can’t complain seeing her in her yoga pants and sports bra all day long, but lingerie is a welcomed change. The top female fitness model can rock any look.

Who is your favourite female fitness model?

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