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Motivation is a word that gets thrown around a lot in regards to bodybuilding and fitness. In order to build muscle, you need to build confidence. The confidence to push harder even on those days when it’s hard. Often motivation can be found in a friend or fitness buddy. Someone to inspire you to do that extra rep and for you to do the same. It’s a valuable relationship that can make a big difference.

Now let’s take that idea a step further: what if there were two of you?

That’s where Owen and Lewis Harrison come in. You see, Owen and Lewis are twin bodybuilders. But they don’t just stop at the genetics. They take it to a whole new level. The Daily Star did a small write up detailing that these brothers have created twin schedules in every aspect of their fitness lives. They didn’t just want to be twin brothers – they wanted to have twin physiques.

Hailing from the UK, Owen and Lewis have mirrored almost every aspect of their lives. They match their workout routines down to the rep, they eat the exact same food in exact same amounts, they even have identical jobs as fitness trainers and models.

“If Lewis was lifting heavy then I would be lifting heavy and if I decided to do a light session, then Lewis would do that too. There was no difference between our workouts.”

Owen talking to The Daily Star.

Bodybuilding has always been about the pursuit of perfecting the body. Finding the perceived limits and then breaking through them to new levels of muscular perfection. Owen and Lewis found a new level to find perfection – by trying to have exact matching bodies.

We’ll admit that these guys fall more on the side of modeling than pro competitive bodybuilding. I mean, look at those pretty boy faces. But you got to have at least a little respect for anyone maintaining not one body, but two. They are like the perfect training partner – always there to push you. A constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve. It’s like an interactive mirror.

They even admitted to having twin cheat days. Seriously, when one guy drinks a beer, the other one has to drink the exact same beer too! Actually it’s starting to sound a little bit spooky. What other things do they match up that they’re not telling us?

You can read up about the whole story here – where you can also find a breakdown of their twin diet and workout routine.


So what do you think? If you had a twin version of yourself, would he/she be a good motivational gym partner? Let us know in the comments below!

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