Tyler Cooke Has Proportions So Insane They Look Photoshopped

This bodybuilders has unreal proportions.

Update September 2017Tyler Cook has denied claims that have surfaced stating that Cook has been photoshopping his physique. His denial has gone viral and is stoking a heated debate in the bodybuilding community.

We have seen all different types of physiques in our day, but this one may be the most alarming of them all. While we never try to just assume someone is natural or on gear, it’s even more rare for us to call out people for looking photoshopped. Tyler Cooke is a young man with some of the most insane proportions we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Tyler Cooke has some insane genetics for a 21 year old bodybuilder. If he continues to train who knows how far he can push his body. But is his body all natural or photoshopped? You decide.

Mini update. 230lbs. Bye. #bodybuilding #21 #gym #fitness #oldschool #beleiveinyourself #ELITE

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What’s your thoughts on Tyler Cooke?

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  1. Ill happily share with you my full posing routine video i got those screencaptured pictures from that you used for the header. And youll see nothings been done to doctor the images, but big thanks for the compliments outside of the photoshopping accusations.
    -Tyler Cooke

  2. I’ve met Tyler many times and I can promise you guys that these images are not photo shopped.
    Onwards and upwards to this amazing young man who’s worked so hard to achieve these outstanding results.

  3. Tyler is one of the most genuine people I have meet, he us all and more that you see, I have the honour of training in the same gym as this young man and he is an inspiration to many. Keep it up Tyler, you will be a pro bodybuilder.

  4. Having had my ass whooped by Tyler in training sessions, I can say that this guy IS 100% REAL!! He is so driven, committed and determined in what he does and how he does it! Tyler is humble and works insanely hard to achieve that physique..100% natural, hard work dedication, nutrition….in fact the pictures don’t do him justice!

  5. I agree with one of the other comments, his physique is even more jaw dropping when you see him in the flesh. I have never seen anyone with insane genetics like him (outside of some of the pros). He is an outstanding bodybuilder and above all, he is a top guy!!!

  6. Seriously? Check your facts. This guy is impressive in not only a genuine physique and an amazing personality but a real empathy for others. He didn’t even take offence to your rather silly ungrounded article! I think you need to be writing a public apology don’t you?

  7. He trains at progym birkenhead we all seen him train his dedication is unreal he has time for people in pro gym seen his physique close up he will defiantly get his pro card am
    Glad he represents pro gym birkenhead it wat he achieves in the near future go Tyler show them

  8. It appears to me that the pool tiles and side curb are not aligned from right to left. This would occur if he waist had been manipulated in the photo. These is also an out of place linear shadow behind him on the right. The casting pole is to the left and laying a shadow there…it appears the right side of the photo has been moved closed to the centerline of his body.


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