Ultimate Tips On How To Protect Your Lean Muscle Mass

You got huge and shredded… now don’t lose it.

As a bodybuilder the name of the game is all about muscle mass. When you hit the gym and look to pack on massive amounts of muscle it takes commitment, dedication, and a fair bit of knowledge in order to make your dreams of having lean musculature a reality. For many avid bodybuilders, a real nightmare would be to put on great quality muscle only to have it burn away. It’s the reason why so many people avoid doing cardio training because they believe it will eat away at their muscle. There may be some truth to that, but if you want to understand how to keep hold of your lean muscle then it requires some further education.

Watch Your Diet

Making sure your diet is in check is obviously one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding. You can’t pack on muscle if your macronutrition is all over the map. You have to make sure your diet is balanced, that you consume lean protein, high quality carbohydrates, and good fats. Your muscles will be grateful and there’s less of a chance that your body will go catabolic after a hard days training.


Be Smart With Your Cardio

I know, I know, cardio is the worst thing in the world for a bodybuilder, right? Well, in reality every top notch bodybuilder does cardio training and still manage to be massively muscled, so there must be some use to it. A great way to implement your cardio into your regimen is by getting in all your jogging, biking, and walking on the off days. This way you won’t be worried about sustained cardio eating away at the muscles you’ve spent all that time building up.


Interval Training

This is a great way to burn fat while maintaining and even slightly promoting lean muscle. Rather than sustained cardiovascular and aerobic training, interval training is anaerobic and focuses on strengthening muscles in the absence of oxygen. Stronger muscles means you can really attack them when you get to your weight training and all the while you’ll be shedding stubborn body fat.

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