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It’s something all athletes fear. Injury, the bane of an athletic competitor’s existence. To be injured means to be forced to sit on the sidelines, wait it out while your fellow competitors continue to improve and make gains. When you’re plagued by an injury or some other ailment it can help to break an individual’s spirits.

Being a competitive athlete means staying active and constantly improving upon yourself to put in even more impressive and dominating performances. Injuries ensure that performing at the highest level won’t be accomplished, at least not until the individual recovers. In bodybuilding injuries mean time away from the gym which in turn means the possibility of losing your hard earned gains. There’s nothing worse than training hard and watching all that good work go to waste do to a nagging injury or ailment.


It’s exactly what has happened to top competitor Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. The top ten bodybuilder suffered a hernia, an ailment common in any sport that requires any kind of lifting. It’s perhaps a blessing that the bodybuilder suffered this setback during the off season rather than during the competitive season.

Where most athletes would be down in the dumps, it appears that Big Ramy is in good spirits and his resolve to improve his physique has already seen the Egyptian stand out return to the gym after a successful surgery. Big Ramy took to Instagram to report on his surgery, recovery, and the doctor that helped to cure his hernia.

“I want to thank Dr. Grischkan for repairing my hernia two weeks ago. I had small hernia and I was afraid to do the surgery because I had to take two months off from training. My friend recommended me Dr. Grischkan for repairing my hernia. So I called Dr. GRISCHKAN and asked him how long should I take time off after the surgery and he told me one week only. I was shocked because all the doctors I saw before told me atleast two months off after surgery. I went to Ohio on the 29th last Dec. And he repaired my hernia. And he took care of me during my stay in Ohio, he even visited me in my hotel and checked on me. He was so kind and true gentleman. I returned to the gym after five day training 70 percent. Yesterday I did legs and squated three plates on front squat after two week of my surgery. I really recommend him for any athlete for hernia surgery.”

Big Ramy’s strong will and determination to making further development is helping him to tough it through this rough time. With such an incredibly hasty recovery it seems like Big Ramy won’t be slowing down any time soon.

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