Bodybuilder Vasile Serban Continues To Compete At Championship Level At 73 Years Old

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Vasile Serban has hit his stride in bodybuilding at 73.

It does not matter when you find that passion for fitness, you can still do something about it. Vasile Serban is here to prove that point. At 73 years old, the Romanian bodybuilder continues to compete at a high level and bring home championships.

In May, Serban competed in the O65 division during the Elite Amateur European Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain. He won gold at the event and shared an inspiring caption to fans on social media.

“The Romanian VASILE SERBAN, won a few minutes ago, the title of EUROPEAN CHAMPION AT THE AGE OF ALMOST 74 YEARS!
I repeat: at almost 74 years old!!!!
It’s the secret I would like the whole world to know, because when you talk about bodybuilding & fitness, there are no secrets related to the age limit.

Perseverance, a healthy lifestyle and self-respect can be for you the path to a long, productive life. It’s never too early to exercise!”


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The Career of Vasile Serban

Vasile Serban began bodybuilding at 54 years old. He spoke with the Alba Press, a local news outlet, about how he changed his lifestyle.

“A month before the contest, I changed my diet. I do sports seven days. A workout will last longer than two and a half hours. And I lose fat so that the muscles can be clearly seen.”


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During his career, Serban has won 18 national championships. He focuses on showing off conditioning that impresses regardless of his age.

“Three days before a competition, I don’t eat any salt and I only drink one liter of water a day, compared to the four to five liters I drink on a normal day. In total, I consume around 3,500 calories a day.”

Serban has no date for his next competition but is back in the gym preparing his physique for when the time comes.

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