The thrill and fear of Mr. Olympia.

Not many of us can really understand what it feels like to have hundreds of thousands of eyes watching upon us. Let alone having that kind of attention after an entire year, or even lifetime, of hard work and dedication. To boil down your dreams, passions, and hard work into one moment that flashes by in an instant with the whole world watching is an experience like none other.

While most of us will never know what that feels like – we can get a glimpse through the bodybuilding pros who go through it every year when they qualify for the Mr. Olympia competition. With Mr. Olympia only 4 days away, we’ve decided to pull a new extended clip from Generation Iron of Victor Martinez giving us his first hand experiences and emotions of what it is like to get up onto the stage; under the harsh hot lights, and in front of over a hundred thousand people. Catch the whole thing in the video above.

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