Looking at the bodybuilding career of Vince Taylor.

By many people’s accounts, Vince Taylor is one of the most underrated bodybuilders in the sport’s history. At the time he was a world record holder for the most IFBB pro bodybuilding wins (holding 22 victories in his career). This of course was later surpassed but does not deflate the impressiveness of Taylor’s achievement. Vince Taylor also still holds the record for most Masters Mr. Olympia victories in 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2001.

Vince Taylor eventually retired from professional bodybuilding in 2002 after placing 2nd at the Masters Olympia in that year. But this retirement proved to be a short one as he then later came back four years later. He placed 3rd place at the Australian Pro at 50 years old. He eventually officially retired a year later after placing 10th at the 2007 Arnold Classic.

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