Vintage Footage Of Ronnie Coleman Beefing With Jay Cutler At The Olympia

Oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did!

When you’re competing for the most coveted title for bodybuilding, emotions run high. Not only do niceties go out the window but you do whatever it takes to get inside your opponent’s head, and even nice guys will throw a jab or two to stumble the competition.

In the video below, The Cerebral Assassin “Triple H” and Kevin Levrone use their Jedi mind tricks to stir up some underlying tension off stage. The who’s who of bodybuilding get into a war of words in which Ronnie Coleman ends up calling Jay Cutler a “crackhead” for even the thought he could beat him. Well it turns out Coleman was right as he ended up taking his 7th Mr. Olympia title in 2004.

While the ending is already set, it’s still fun to see these guys trash talking backstage, all in the spirit of competition.


What’s great about this video is that even though these legends are getting at each other, it’s all in good fun and nothing is taken seriously. That’s what competition is all about.

Mr. Olympia 2004

1st: Ronnie Coleman

2nd: Jay Cutler

3rd: Gustavo Badell

4th: Dexter Jackson

Which Olympia featured the greatest line up of competition?

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