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The way of the warrior translates smoothly into bodybuilding.

Everyone has a code they live by, laws they set for the over all betterment of themselves. Most prominent of all in popular culture is the warrior code. In ancient times warriors such as knights, samurai, and even the lawmen of the old west, all of them lived by a code of conduct that governed their every action. You see the same sort of thing today and different forms – some call it the “bro code” or “sisterhood.” But the warrior code is different, it digs deep into that intensity that only fighters, warriors, and athletes can understand. How exactly does the warrior code relate to the sport of pro bodybuilding? Well, the only way to find out is to jump headfirst into it. Let’s get our hands a little dirty and start thinking like a warrior.


One of the major codes to follow, honesty is as essential to the warrior as it is to the bodybuilder. The worst thing a bodybuilder could do is lie to themselves, whether it’s lying about their physique, there posing performance, or their conditioning, chasing the ultimate body is about being truthful about your strengths and weaknesses. One must learn and accept their limitations in order to push past them and that can’t be done without being honest. Honest is also important between bodybuilders. While this is a competition – we are all in this together – unifying and expanding the sport we love. Take Steve Weinberger for example. Bodybuilders line up at his door so he can take a look at them. Why? Because he is brutally honest. He tells it like it is. He gets you ready for the reality of taking the stage and trying to win the gold.


This one is a no brainer. The fact that pros choose to compete as their profession in the first place takes a tremendous amount of courage and confidence. To be put on display and judged on your strengths and weaknesses takes an insane amount of mental strength and bravery. It’s easy to pick apart at a competitors weak points, to judge what they need to work on or what they lack altogether. It’s far harder to be the one to put their ego on the line. You also need the courage to push yourself past the pain, past the easy path. It’s not always easy to wake up and tell yourself, “I’m going to put myself through hell” every single day. But bodybuilders must. It’s true courage. It’s a necessary part of a bodybuilding lifestyle.


Respect is integral to competing at the highest level in any sport. The idea of respect has more to do with respecting your opponents skills, their attributes, the dedication to perfecting themselves. Without healthy respect for your opponent’s resolve it’s easy to lose focus, slip up, allow your opponent to surpass you. You must also respect yourself by respecting the threat that fellow competitors bring to the table. And of course, respecting your body. Bodybuilding is a sport that truly is all about giving your body the most respect imaginable. Eat clean and healthy every day, six times a day – never missing a beat. It’s respect for one’s health that is unmatched by many other athletes.

Keeping Faith

Though this code pertained to faith in a higher power long ago, the code could also be interpreted as keeping faith yourself. When it comes to bodybuilding there’s no doubt that you are your own biggest critic. If you lose a competition you may wonder where you went wrong. Did I gain enough mass on the off season? Is my conditioning above average? I thought I conquered that problem area? Where did I go wrong? Questioning every little thing will end up driving you crazy. Once you start down the road there’s nothing worse than stopping halfway. Sometimes the only way to push past to the next level is to keep faith in yourself and remember the passion that brought you to the dance in the first place.

Never Refuse a Challenge

Maybe the most important part of this code, a bodybuilder can never refuse a challenge. Why? Because their whole life is on long challenge. Every day a bodybuilder challenges his body to be better than the last. There is no end to this. It is constant and ever growing. Bodybuilders push yourself past their limits to achieve attributes that are unattainable by most other humans. When competing against someone with the same goals and dedication, it proves to be a direct challenge, a question as to who is the more superior. When the time comes to try and claim the top spot, never back down in the face of adversity. Work hard and challenge yourself to achieve your goals. This never ends. And that’s why bodybuilders

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Jonathan Salmon
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