WATCH: With 10 Weeks Until The Olympia, Flex Lewis Is In Full Beast Mode


Training for greatness.

The Olympia is the pinnacle of bodybuilding competitions and showcases the greatest bodybuilders in the world. With so many divisions to keep an eye, fans of all different types of bodybuilding are sure to get their fill. Those who are fans of lightweight bodybuilding will get a chance to see greatness on stage in the form of long time 212 Olympia champion, James ‘Flex’ Lewis.

Though he may not be as massive as Phil Heath, Kai Greene, or any of the other mass monsters that make up the ranks of the open weight division, Flex Lewis is certainly one of the most musclebound creatures on this planet. With a stocky and thick frame, Flex Lewis has dominated the competition with not only massive muscle, but amazing symmetry and presentation. Without a doubt he is a man whether of the title of champion.

There’s a reason why Flex Lewis is the king of the 212 division. The kind of dedication and training needed to build the requisite muscle to be the best of the best can be overwhelming for the average Joe. For Flex Lewis it’s all just another day in the office. His recent training video shows just how hard he’s pushing his body to be able to conquer his rivals on the Olympia stage. Check out the video post below to see how hard Flex Lewis is pushing himself in the gym.

Do you think Flex Lewis will remain 212 Olympia champion?

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