WATCH: 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship (REPLAY)

2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship

How to watch the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championships

As a last second surprise before this weekend’s Arnold Classic event went underway, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul surprised us with an odd but exciting pairing. The two announced that the Arnold Classic would host the Slap Fighting Championship for the first time at the sports festival. Not only that, it would be live streamed on both Fanmio and Logan Paul’s official YouTube and Facebook channels. We have now finally arrived to the debut of the championships. Here’s how to watch the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting live stream.

The Arnold Sports festival is probably best known for the Arnold Classic event – a pro bodybuilding competition that is second biggest in the sport. Second only to the Mr. Olympia event in the fall of each year. But the Arnold Sports Festival has always carried a wide array of events including Strongman, Powerlifting, Armwrestling, and over 60 other sports. Now slap fighting can be added to the list.

Logan Paul’s involvement is not unexpected. His connection to slap fighting goes way back to 2019, when he claimed that he would be preparing to fight in the championship himself. Ultimately after a few videos of him training, and a controversial claim that his slap videos were staged, he cancelled his plans to compete.

Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul are massive stars with massive followings. So their combined effort is a huge marketing success for the fledgling sport of Slap Fighting. Being a part of the Arnold Sports Festival with these two big names attached is a major step for the legitimacy of the sport.

Replay the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fight Championship

The Arnold Sports Festival in it’s entirety, including the Arnold Classic bodybuilding event – is behind a paywall this year as a PPV event on Fanmio. The Slap Fighting Championship will also be included in this package – which you can get for $34.99 – a fair price for the amount of sports you can stream.

However, the Slap Fighting Championship is also being made available on Logan Paul’s official YouTube and Facebook channel for free. So for those who only are interested in the Slap Fighting Championship, you’re in luck.

The live stream is over but you can watch the entire replay of the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship below:

Notable Slap Fighting Championship Athletes

Vasilii Kamotskii, better known as Dumpling, is one of the most viral athletes who, arguably, first brought the sport to international attention. He is consider the first true legend in the early life of the sport. Though he has participated in many fights, his most notable might be the PunchDown 4 fight against Dawid Zales. Dumpling won by judge decision – but many believed that the fight should have went to Zales in the end.

Dawid “Zales” Zalewski is the current 3x PunchDown champion – having won PunchDown 2, 3, and 5. Zales did not compete in PunchDown 4 – leaving the championship open for Neippokonany Kostrzes to win the title that year. As of the time of this writing, Dawid Zales has yet to lose any professional slap fight.

While Dumpling is notably absent from this weekend’s event, 3x champ Zalewski is set to compete at the 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship. He is the headling event facing off against Koa “Da Crazy Hawaiian” Viernes. Viernes is also undefeated, though he has less competitions under his belt. He is also the first American to win a super heavyweight championship.

Generation Iron Fitness Network will also be providing full coverage of the results from the Slap Fight Championships. So stay tuned to our official 2022 Arnold Classic coverage hub page right here.

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