Make bodybuilding your full time job and actually make good $$$.

If there’s one thing that is abundantly clear in the bodybuilding industry – it’s that money is hard to come by unless you are one of the top winning athletes in the IFBB. Yes, Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classics pay a pretty penny – but there are hundreds of other competitors who spend all year, 24/7 on training and dieting… only to win little to no money.

Bodybuilding is an expensive lifestyle and many would want it to be their full time job. The problem is that it’s hard to actually make the cash to support bodybuilding as a fulltime one-and-only job.

YouTube channel¬†Golden Aesthetics¬†has some advice on this matter – and it’s not just the classic thoughts given to you by bodybuilding champions (because the sad truth is majority of us will NOT be champions). So it’s good to get advice from someone who lives the lifestyle without being on top. Is this advice any good? Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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