Antoine Vaillant states he is not insulting Men’s Physique while starting a viral board shorts challenge.

Jeremy Buendia made waves in the industry last week by going on a video rant about the mistreatment of Men’s Physique compared to other male divisions in the sport. The key thing that seemed to trigger this rant was Antoine Vaillant’s humorous posing routine where he dawned board shorts as a joke. Jeremy didn’t find it funny but instead insulting to the hard work he and other Men’s Physique athletes put into every single day of prep and competing.

It seems now that Antoine has responded himself in a posted video, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, where he claims he is not insulting Men’s Physique but just having good fun. But instead of backing down… he has now issued a viral challenge to all bodybuilders out there. He is asking all different bodybuilding and strength athletes to take photos of themselves in board shorts and tag it with #BoardShortsChallenge.

He asserts that this is not to insult the division… but surely Jeremy Buendia won’t find it funny to see even more athletes jumping in and poking fun at Men’s Physique. You can watch Antoine’s video above!

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