Watch the Men’s Bodybuilding prejudging comparison round before the finals!

Watch a replay of the Men’s Bodybuilding prejudging from the Arnold Classic 2018. This was an incredible lineup with bodybuilders including Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf, Cedric McMillan, and Lionel Beyeke. How did they fair in the comparison round? Find out in the full prejudging video above!

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  1. Bonac was the hardest & dryest – both Dexter & Roelly holding water – toss up between Dexter & Roelly -then cederic

  2. Why do guys host the event if your not even gonna put the replay of the finals so people who couldn’t see it can watch. Every other year I’ve watched I could get the replay the second it was over. Ver y disappointed in GI I hope they don’t let u host the steam again.


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