Shawn Ray gives a breakdown of the competitors before the big show down under.

The Arnold Classic Australia is mere hours away and the line up looks to be just as compelling as the Arnold Classic Ohio – major competitors such as William Bonac, Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf, and Roelly Winklaar. But perhaps most exciting of all is the second return of Kevin Levrone – in what will be his last ever bodybuilding competition. With the extra year of training, will he have a physique even more improved from the Mr. Olympia showing we saw in 2016? Shawn Ray breaks down the lineup and gives us his preview analysis of what to expect during the main event. Check it out above.

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  1. I guess Shawna is ripping apart some Chinese girls over there in Shanghai The usual stuff for Shawna when he is abroad. The whole world knows …except for his wife…. Shawna the Midget has his Christian way of denying this . Well let me tell you….I know he does .He is a piece of Garbage

  2. yes Kevin is not as good as he was but come on guys his a legend in the sport and motivation for the young guys not Phillips heath with the blocky guys but the 90s and 80s the rock hard look the grainy look conditioned like granite and no bubble guts hopefully he gets the reception he deserves and hoes down in history


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