Arnold Schwarzenegger is less than impressed with the current state of bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a significant within the realm of bodybuilding, professional or otherwise. He is regarded as the GOAT, the greatest to ever step on a posing stage and win over judges and fans with his incredible musculature. So when he has some critiques about bodybuilding everyone would do well to sit down, shut their mouths, and listen up.

It’s already public knowledge that Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an issue with the state of modern pro bodybuilding for some time now. But after the 2017 Olympia it seems that the legendary bodybuilder has had enough and is refusing to hold his tongue. Take a look at the video courtesy of luimarco as Arnold Schwarzenegger expresses his thoughts and feelings on the current state of bodybuilding and how competitors look pregnant on stage.

What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his thoughts on the state of bodybuilding?

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