Mike Thurston gives some truly insightful bodybuilding and fitness advice.

Just as we are trying to highlight different content creators and YouTube channels through our content partnerships with passionate bodybuilding creatives – KENNY K.O. has started a segment on his channel highlighting the best of YouTube fitness channels. There is an ever increasing amount of content out there and it can become hard to filter through the white noise. According to Kenny K.O. – Mike Thurston is a YouTube bodybuilder worth your time especially if you are just starting out and in need of realistic in depth advice.

Sometimes looking at the magazines or Instagram can lead to false expectations. They always show the glorified best aspects of fitness and physiques. But Mike Thurston truly goes in depth with the realities of a 24/7 year-round bodybuilding lifestyle. There’s some truly valuable advice here – and Kenny K.O. highlights them all perfectly in his latest video. Make sure to check it out above.

If you like Kenny K.O.’s content make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel right here. You can also click here to check out Mike Thurston’s channel. Stay pumped!



  1. OMFG I knew it!! Morbid curiosity got me to click and dammit I was right NO TIPS, not even Mikey boy himself. It was some other guy talking about how great Mike is to follow. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YOU GUYS SUCK! Your main click bait BS says tips etc. Misleading crap you guys are killing yourselves. There is NOTHING of value here. Why do we care what Kenny KO thinks of Mike what is going on with the social here? Fire them all! #RIPGI


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