No steroids, no cry.

Steroids has always been and will continue to be a hot button topic. Some people say it’s not harmful if done correctly, other people say it’s harmful if done at all. Some people say it’s cheating, others say it’s just part of the game. Whatever your standpoint, we all have to admit that it’s here and it makes a very real difference in the human physique.

With that being said, there was a long time in this sport, and society in general, when steroids weren’t an option. Until the 1940’s steroids were virtually unheard and didn’t become available to the general public until the 1950’s. Did that mean people didn’t lift? Of course not. While they had more of a physique build, builders had size, striations, and separation long before there was gear (George F. Jowett, Eugene Sandow, George F. Jowett). And depending on why you watch the sport some people prefer it that way.

With the internet making information readily available, along with trial and error, it’ logical to believe that current bodybuilders can become just as big and even bigger than builders of yesteryear without using steroids.

Rob Lipsett, an Irish bodybuilder/fitness trainer, takes us down the memory lane of pre- gear bodybuilding and gives us some insight into what we could be looking forward in regards to human potential.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think.



    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️ so you wanna call Phil Heath jay cutler lee priest Arnie Dorian Yates fake? They all used gear and buddy gear doesn’t do everything for you if you ain’t eating like a monster and training hard to match what you run what you said sounded very ignorant genetics only get you so far genetics will NOT get you to IFBB pro level

    • Rob Marcelletti tell me on mf with great genes and never ran gear that was like Dallas mcarver before he passed at 315 pounds at 26 or 27 that is not natural at fucking all and if you think it is your are just stupid as shit

    • Rob anyone takes the amount of gear insulin hgh and all the rest of gods given greatness that we have at our disposal guess what they will look as good as anyone out there. You can train kill yourself if you haven’t got the funds access to these supplements forget it. Bodybuilding is about blood sweat and tears no doubt. But if you don’t have deep pockets forget it. It’s genetics that splints the pros on Stacey conditioning size etc that who wins comes second third etc.

    • Rob Marcelletti smh I think it’s really cute how you think your all that when buddy I’m just getting started I’m
      Nowhere even near where I’m gonna he in 10 years

    • So tired of the BS genetic argument
      Its played out and stupid
      Its not genetics. Its the right amount of MONEY and CONNECTIONS you can achieve anything in life. There are a ton of amazing physiques out there and untapped potential. Body building is expensive and it takes connections to get Big

    • Rob is right good genetics plus the right type of steroids hgh is what determines how big a pro will be.
      A skinny marathon runner can’t be a pro bodybuilder even if he uses hgh and steroids

  1. The average person wont get that big without drugs, just go into any casual gym and take a look you will see mostly fat and skinny dudes lifting that will give you your answer.


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