Before the finals, Big Ramy sends out an apology to his fans for disappointing them.

The talk of the weekend has majorly been about Big Ramy’s less than stellar appearance during the Friday night judging of Men’s Open. While he is still deserving of being on the Olympia stage – he did not bring the same kind of package that could threaten Phil Heath like he did last year.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by Big Ramy himself – who took to Instagram to issue an apology for his conditioning and try and explain things from his perspective. This doesn’t give hope that we will see a miraculous change by tonight’s finals – but he does end it off stating that “This will never stop me.” So perhaps 2019 will be another year where Big Ramy steps things up and brings something formidable to the stage. Until then, let’s hope that there is at least some level of improvement on during the finals tonight.

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