Big Ramy and coaches hint at competing in 2019… just not at the Mr. Olympia.

Big Ramy has been making headlines as of late due to his recent guest posing – showcasing the state of his physique for the first time in quite a long time. Of course, this put him back into the headlines and also sparked tons of rumors about whether or not he will be at Mr. Olympia this year.

Well, it still stands that Big Ramy will not compete at the Mr. Olympia 2019 – but he very well might step up onto the competitive stage at some point before the year ends. This comes from a recent social media post where Ramy’s coaches imply he is “8 to 9 weeks out.” Of course, this is a longer gap than the Mr. Olympia – but certainly falls within this year. So which competition will Big Ramy show up at? Or is this just a misunderstanding from a vague statement made by Ramy’s coaches? We don’t have the details just yet – but you can check out Williams Fitness‘ video report and breakdown on the news above.

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