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Can Big Ramy improve enough by the finals to become a threat?

Going into the Olympia 2018 competition – all eyes where on Big Ramy. A pro bodybuilder who pushed Phil Heath to the limit in 2017 and even considered the uncrowned winner by many, Big Ramy was the fan favorite to challenge Phil at this year’s Mr. Olympia.

Unfortunately, Big Ramy didn’t bring the same level of goods to the stage that we saw last year. At least right now after witnessing the Friday night judging and comparison rounds. Earlier in the week, Big Ramy revealed that he was coming in at 310 lbs. That’s an insane amount of weight – and no one can deny Big Ramy’s strong points. He is wide, thick, and has monster quads. But his conditioning has continued to be his weak point. Olympia 2017 showed some major improvement in that front… but it appears this year that Big Ramy went back to favoring size over conditioning.

So the big question is, how much can change between Friday night and tonight’s finals? Hopefully we see some level of improvement – but only so much can change within 24 hours. Check out the video recap of his Friday night posing above and let us know your thoughts on his 2018 Olympia package.

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