Big Ramy revealed his latest monster physique… and it just might change the game.

Big Ramy has always been a monster when it comes to size – but his biggest enemy has been his conditioning. That all changed last year when he brought in his best package to date and for the first time ever became a truly serious threat to Phil Heath’s Olympia reign.

We now have our first physique reveal of Big Raym’s Olympia training prep… and let’s just say it’s a game changer. Seen in the video above compiled by Fazi Fitness, Big Ramy looks so massive that you would be forgiven to think it was photoshop. This video also pulls in Dennis James’ reaction to the picture. He makes it quite clear that nothing should be taken for granted at this upcoming Mr. Olympia. If Big Ramy can hone in his conditioning for this size, the same way he did last year, he has “all the tools” to defeat Phil Heath.

It’s always felt like a made up fantasy that Phil Heath would be defeated before he earns eight Sandow trophies… but for the first time ever it seems like his victory is NOT a given. With still 11 weeks before the Mr. Olympia competition, a lot can change – but now that hype behind Big Ramy has become a real tangible thing. We’ll keep a close eye on the two of these athletes as the months move ahead. September can’t come soon enough.

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