The new Bigorexia trailer asks: Is it really bad to want to be bigger?

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A psychiatric disorder is often seen as a bad thing. Something that needs to be overcome to maintain a healthy normal life. But does that hold true for muscle dysmorphia (more commonly known as bigorexia)? Is being unsatisfied withy our size and striving to become more muscular a bad thing? Or is it simply a level of motivation to break boundaries reserved for overachievers?

Bigorexia the film explores both sides of the coin. Particularly in the sport of bodybuilding, there can be a case that most pro athletes live with small degree of Bigorexia. The sport demands it. But this feature documentary goes beyond just bodybuilding and into the wider populace. Is there a point where it becomes dangerous or even lethal?

Bigorexia follows six individuals who each suffer from some form of muscle dysmorphia. It takes a variety of forms. A Men’s Physique athlete like Zac Aynsley might not look “big” compared to other larger divisions. But his consistent dissatisfaction with his body seems to have no end. Many might not even think Zac has bigorexia – but deep inside his mind the mental battle is endless.

Another example is Pasquale Brocco, also known as Possible Pat. A man who once weighed over 600 pounds, Pat eventually transformed his life to become a healthier size. But his desire to be big remains. He’s disgusted with his current body – but he uses that demon to motivate him to keep running and keep improving. To keep himself at a lean and athletic build. Perhaps his muscle dysmorphia is a blessing in disguise. It’s allowed him to fight back in order to become an excellent athlete.

These are just two examples from the film but the list goes on. Some individuals resort to extreme performance enhancing drug abuse in order to achieve superhuman levels of size. A combination of being heavy set (even if it’s muscle) and pumping powerful drugs into the body can spell a recipe for disaster.

Each featured person in Bigorexia has their own opinion on their struggle with Bigorexia. Some welcome it as the desire to achieve more. Others feel to have survived it and are now on the path to recovery – similar to a drug addict or alcoholic. Some don’t even believe they have it and live a life of possible denial.

Bigorexia also interviews doctors, psychologists, and experts to look at the bigger picture of muscle dysmorphia. It’s a powerful exploration of how this psychiatric disorder can affect human lives and emotions. It’s also a deep dive into how it affects us a society in the big picture.

Bigorexia is now available on all major digital platforms. Click here or the banner below to get your digital copy today!

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