Bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu jumps into the Logan Paul drama asking for a fight.

Over the past few months, Logan Paul has intersected with bodybuilding… sort of. A slap fight video posted by our sister channel, Generation Iron Russia, went viral not only within the bodybuilding community but across the world and put Logan Paul’s name close but still adjacent to the bodybuilding industry. Some people are tired of this (understandably) while others can’t get enough of the drama.

One such person is bodybuilder and all around funny guy Blessing Awodibu – who has now entered the fray by directly asking Logan Paul if he wants to get into the boxing ring with him.

Honestly, this is probably the most direct bodybuilding involvement with Logan Paul so far and while we don’t know if this fight will actually happen – it would be interesting to see how Logan Paul would hold up to a mass monster like Blessing.

Our content partner, Williams Fitness, has put together a video breaking down the whole situation – which you can watch above!

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