Size, strength, and function.

If there’s one stereotype that is actually based in truth – it’s that a bodybuilder’s muscle is all for show. Yes, their goal isn’t to be the physically strongest in regards to how much weight they can put up… it’s all about the visual aesthetic first and foremost.

Of course this leads to the assumption of many other things: they can’t run, they can’t perform functional athletic tasks, they can’t fight. But that last one is what caught our eye the most. Much like any stereotype it does not apply to every individual. Not by a long shot. Case in point, check out this bodybuilder’s video showing off just how lethal his fighting skills really are.

This bodybuilder looks like he can kick some serious a$$…

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    • I only consider someone as a bodybuilder if they’ve entered a competition and placed top 3! Any competition, anywhere, anytime! Does Dolf comply to this?

  1. Ok I have been a bodybuilder for a while now; but I know that heavy muscle is not good for hardly anything that requires endurance. Not saying we don’t do cardio. It’s just a lot of extra weight that wears out quickly. Muscle like that is hard to replenish and keep going for a constant 5 minutes, where as the typical set at the gym lasts 30-60 seconds. It burns out quick. I would like to actually see him fight someone in the ring. Not cus I wanna see him lose, I would just kinda like to see what conditioning he has. I was a wrestler in hs, and real fights like that drain the body real quick. Anyone can punch someones hands

  2. He used to be a fighter who decided to become a bodybuilder but I can assure you that his speed and condition is a lot less, beating him in a fight is not hard just stay on the outside and throw kicks until he gets tired then you finish him.

  3. That’s Kaden Vu. I know him through my friend Cory. I train mma in Brazil and let me assure you Kaden is legit! The dude is crazy strong, fast (not just for his size but fast period!) and well skilled. I typically see articles like this and roll my eyes. But this dude is the real deal

  4. Plenty of bodybuilders can fight. I’m a pro bodybuilder and I’ve been doing mma for years. I currently train mma in Brazil and still lifting the same. As long as you are doing mobility work and working your aerobic capacity, bodybuilding isn’t going to hurt your fighting. Sure muscles get lactic acid faster but that’s why you train to combat that

  5. The muscles are definitely not serving him well. Like he mention, he still working to be more mobile and flexible. These are the key to a well balance fighter, not to mention more muscle equate to more lactic acid.

  6. Sorry guys, this is soooooo old. I train totally different now. I’m not a competitive bb anymore. I’m a stunt/action actor now. I’m on keto diet now for over 2 years that has revamp my abilities to go the distance since i had my DNA tested showing im positive for ACTN3, the problem with that is I’m predominantly fast twitch so by using a keto diet I increase my endurance dramatically while still being able to keep my speed and power at an elite level. If you don’t believe I can weigh 240lbs and go the distance you can ask my man sage Northcutt. We were involved in a project that required 8 hours of training and rehersal a day. We would break so he could eat while I just had my water.


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