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Many of you probably already know the bodybuilder Scooby – one of the earlier bodybuilders to really make a name for himself on YouTube and someone who gives his honest opinion and advice to bodybuilding lovers across the web. In this recent video posted by scooby1961 – he tries to explain and break down Synthol addiction including his own use of it. Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. Sounds like he is promoting Synthol as a safe drug to cosmetically enhance your image. Fuck that shit, I’m 48 and gaining muscle mass/strength thru hard work and diet.

  2. Lol fuck sake look at his arms and neck ! You can tell it’s bollocks ! Everything grows at same rate if your rearly training and not filling yourself full of shit !

  3. For those calling Scooby a retard… here is his real picture… without the Snapchat type filter… believe me… he is not the dumb one here…. do yourself a favor and go follow him on YouTube… he is a great guy.

  4. What you all don’t understand is that he’s been a bodybuilder all his life and he makes fun of s*** like this. don’t forget that a lot of the YouTube channels you watch now crowned him as the King of having a PhD in broscience LOL he’s been giving advice for years and him talking about doing marathons and hardcore bike rides is him being sarcastic he actually does all those things LOL if you don’t know who Scooby is you are surely a late bloomer

  5. Who are the knuckle heads responsible for giving this half wit an avenue for saying anything even remotely having to do with fitness or bodybuilding and Scooby really Scooby. Good lord you can’t make this kinda dumb shit up.

  6. What a total surprise. Cardio kills gains? Everyone knows this? I’m pretty sure that’s more of a total bull shit excuse for the lazy pussies out there who will never know what having stamina or abs is like.

  7. Gee and to think you gave a synthol goon oxygen over a real competitor, past competitor or an up and coming bodybuilder…come on GI, how does this promote or help the sport you claim to represent???

  8. I’m pretty sure this was a joke vid he posted. And you must be blind to not notice the glitching from the effect he used to put more mass on his pecs. C’mon folks.

  9. Whoa! I’m just shocked, I started working out watching his videos right before I switched to the twins back in 2009. I knew he was on something but he did give some good pointers. He tried synthol and got addicted but he stopped. I give him respect for coming out unlike other roid maniacs, they won’t and to be fair the video is incomplete, he does discuss why and why you shouldn’t do it. And people that don’t even lift a single weight shouldn’t even open their mouths. There are youtubers out there and although I don’t agree with them 100% I listen and learn from their mistakes. Just look at CT fletcher’s comeback after being the world heavyweight champion…

  10. You are some gullible MF’s lol. He posts videos like this on purpose to be a smart ass. If you don’t know who he is, that’s why he mentions the “fake triathalons and running at the end”, he takes live videos of his cardio. And just for verification, here is him specifically saying on his Youtube video this is a joke.
    Scooby’s Home Fitness and Bodybuilding Workouts, may want to message Generation Iron, because their editors are too stupid to know when you’re joking and giving you a bad name.

  11. Haha wow Generation Iron , you need to work on your journalism. This video was posted April 1st on his channel. It was an April fools joke. That’s why he titled the video synthol victim. He is using a snap chat filter and he didn’t “hire body doubles” like he said in the video, etc. that was where it got obvious he was joking.

  12. I love how these guys try and explain how to get built like this …. well exercise right , eat right blah blah blah never add in and shoot some roids in your ass next to where you poop

  13. synthol is for advance bodybuilder after you build a massive physique and you have lagging bodypart you can put a little bit of synthol in there to make it look better and more balance, its not for the average joe and some people take it too far and end up looking like idiots.

  14. Plain and simple, it’s not about the look for me, it’s about undeniable strength, if it’s not real you are basically wearing a costume. Size comes naturally with hard work. This crap makes you look like an unproportionate goon.

  15. I don’t use it and never would but I can see how having an immediate visible change, even if it’s fake, could start off as a small shot here and there and lead to an addiction.

    • He’s a bodybuilder that’s been building his body before you were born dude. Scooby has plenty of strength and using synthol nonstop is one thing but I beleive people like you have done zero research. You’ve only learnt about it here on Facebook comment threads.. you know anything about how it’s used for injuries or how you can use it to obtain permanent size gains even without consistent use? Are you a bodybuilding fan because it’s part of the sport man.. some of you are challenged

  16. It is ridiculous, especially when you consider balance and symetry, he has huge and wide pecs but non existing traps. He is really ugly. If he had admitted syntol use just to compensate a weak part due to genetics or so, it would be more understanble but cheating for that …! no way

  17. Yaa to look big is cool .
    But…. if I need to use steroids or that synthol shit….
    I prefers to be smell.

    Guys that use all of that have big problems with how they look
    Like anorexia…. it’s all the same.

    Steroids also can make some genetic problems that sleep in your body …. to trigger and lots in the end got k.o ….. in there 20 30 …

    Just work out and have fun with that.
    And almost 99% for women’s like man that not crazy big and use all that shit.

  18. Anf this kind of Fucking idiot take place in your page ?????? Shame on you!! Aint no sport anymore aint no respect anymore …..just fake dickheads full of shit ….sorry to say that…..

  19. Synthol is and always will be a part of bodybuilding. You can find people who probably use cannabis as a hat or kraft mac n cheese as shoes. It doesn’t mean everyone does or that cannabis or mac n cheese is dumb, just the person misusing them. Your favorite bodybuilder has and continues to use synthol or the like. It’s used to repair injuries etc. and if you lift and aren’t going to inject synthol for 2 years straight you’ll look plenty normal

  20. I can see how it could become addictive to increase the aesthetics of your body without putting in the extra work to make it happen through lifting weights. Dont really see the problem unless it becomes a problem to the person choosing to inject it. Nothing will surpass the hard work that goes into gaining lean mass but synthol is extremely handy for bringing up lagging body parts and creating symmetry where otherwise you would struggle to obtain it due to whatever genetic disposition you have. I dont believe it’s necessary for use unless the person is competing.


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