The pressure got to them…

In the IFBB posing has taken on somewhat of a standard rule and skill set. Basically, the all look the same. With a few rare exceptions (cough, Kai Greene, cough) – most posing routines blur together. Ultimately this is fine as the physique speaks for itself and that is the most important aspect of the competition. But one can argue that the “fun” and “entertainment value” of the competition is diminished.

The Arnold Classic changed up the judging in 2016 by having specific scoring for the “art” of the posing – which seems to signal a change in direction for the IFBB as whole should they pursue it further. In the end though, we don’t think the IFBB wants something like… this. The video above showcases some bodybuilders suddenly breaking into awkward dancing and half-posing. It looks like they are all simply goofing off. What do you think?

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