This bodybuilding video makes the case that modern bodybuilding is boring.

Has bodybuilding become boring? This is an opinion that has cropped up more and more as of late. Even Shawn Ray has put his opinions out there – claiming that the Arnold Classic competitions are starting to become stale and no superstar bodybuilders want to show their face on stage. In the video above, YouTuber Tomn8er lays out why he thinks bodybuilding has become boring. Do you think he has some good points? Or is it all BS? Let us know in the comments!



  1. The Arnold is so much better than Olympia, so yes. The Arnold is actually entertaining, and the person who wins open weight is the guy that deserves it, that earned it. Notice how every year they crown someone who should have won at Olympia. And then there are all the events at The Arnold which make it more entertaining. Its a good mix of athleticism and entertainment IMO.

  2. 21st century body building can’t even come close to what the 90s were about. The days of Haney, Labrada, Ray, Coleman, Yates, Wheeler, Levrone and Cormier will never be duplicated. It was the most competitive time ever in body building with easily the best physiques.


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