Be your best self physically and mentally.

The mainstream tries to knock bodybuilding by jumping straight into the freak factor or the steroids. But the truth of the matter is that bodybuilding as a discipline is a truly healthy endeavor. Not just physically but for the heart and mind as well. Forget about Men’s Open and just think about the heart of bodybuilding – building your body. This teaches commitment, hard work ethic, and a strict and healthy diet. It also demands that you pull deep into yourself and change your entire lifestyle. It’s rewiring your brain to value a better version of yourself no matter how hard the task.

This is the true core of bodybuilding. It’s about betterment. Bettering your physique. Bettering your willpower. Bettering your state of being. It can be hard to feel that every single day. That’s why Varyjer Motivation has put together another expertly and epicly made bodybuilding motivation video to gear you up for the life of bodybuilding. Check it out above!

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