Check out the official music video for Ronnie Coleman: The King’s original song.

There’s no better motivation than Ronnie Coleman himself. Ask any bodybuilder competing today and they’ll tell you that they watched videos or Ronnie Coleman training to get them amped up, inspired, and ready to push things to a new level in the gym. That’s why the latest QUAN music video for Ronnie Coleman: The King is perfect to light a fire under your ass during your next training session.

Our latest original song, Flexin’ On Them (Ronnie Coleman), is the official theme song of Ronnie Coleman: The King – expertly crafted by rapper QUAN. Giving you further sneak peeks into the footage of the film… but more importantly showcasing the best of Ronnie Coleman in his prime matched to an equally epic song. This is the new song you’ll be blasting and music video you’ll be watching before breaking new personal records in the gym. Check it out above!

You can now PRE ORDER Ronnie Coleman: The King today by clicking on the banner below or right here. Available on VOD June 22, 2018!

Ronnie Coleman The King Pre Order Generation Iron


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