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Bodybuilding Motivation: It gets easier but you have to do it everyday. That’s the hard part.

One of the greatest enemies in bodybuilding is monotony. Training and dieting is a day-in day-out endeavor that is full of repetition in both the food you eat and the exercises you endure. Of course, mixing things up and adding variety every so often is part of the solution – but ultimately it can’t be helped that bodybuilding is about systems, schedules, programs, and repetition. That’s where the results come in over time.

It’s also where a lot of bodybuilder hopefuls lose steam and give up. It starts to feel like a grind that is easier to avoid than it is to keep jumping into. That’s why Varyjer Motivation has put together this bodybuilding motivation video that not only shows you the true value in consistency – but is also built to help inspire you and motivate you to push past the monotony of repetition. Watch this video before your workouts and you’ll surely get fired up enough to make each and every rep exciting. Check it out above!

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