Bodybuilding Motivation: Go pure hardcore to light a fire under your ass.

There can be a lot of different aspects behind getting motivated to lift heavy and push your body past limits. Sometimes it’s getting inspiration ignoring the nay sayers. Sometimes it’s about getting out of your head and getting past the monotony of the grind.

And sometimes you just need something so hardcore it gets you fired up and ready to explode in the gym.

That’s why Makaveli Motivation‘s latest video is all about SHOCKING your system and getting you so pumped up that you can’t even sit still. It’s about hardcore like Branch Warren or the old school lifts of Ronnie Coleman. It’s about cancelling out all the white noise and becoming singularly focused on pushing the hardest you can on every single rep.

If you’re feeling too calm right now – make sure to watch the latest bodybuilding motivation video from Makaveli Motivation above. You’ll enjoy some of the best sets of your life during your workout today.

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