A recent Instagram video shows Castleberry crushing a NFL combine bench press record.

Kenny K.O. doesn’t hold back when it comes to his opinions and thoughts on the bodybuilding industry and the athletes within it. But it’s an understatement to say that Kenny has had his laser sight focused on Brad Castleberry for using fake weights. This hasn’t been proven of course – but Kenny often reviews Castleberry’s social media video posts and tries to determine if his feats of strength are actually realistic.

In his most recent post,KENNY K.O. showcases a recent Instagram video showcasing some impressive lifts on the bench press from Castleberry. So impressive that he technically broke the NFL combine record for most bench press reps. Kenny doesn’t buy it though – thinking this is just another example of using fake weights.

Since there is no hard evidence of Brad Castleberry using fake weights – we find this record breaking moment very impressive (though he is basically doing half reps). But do you side with Kenny? Do you think he is using fake weights? Or is he innocent until proven guilty without a doubt? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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  1. If “Dingleberry” can perform the lifts he claims with the weight he claims…..all he has to do is simply enter any powerlifting competition. Put up some recorded and recognized numbers. Stop dodging and prove yourself

  2. I dont understand how or why a man can break and match many world records but refuse to have them verified and recorded or even compete, except for the obvious reason that he’s using fake plates. No doubt he has some really strength and ability but not what the plates he uses say

  3. The problem with Brad he only can do impressive lifts at his personal location but if you ask him to do a lift at any expo or do a lift off with a bodybuilder or powerlifter he runs away that should tell you all you need to know


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