Branch Warren still has the bodybuilder blood inside of him.

They always say you can take the man out of bodybuilding but you can’t take the bodybuilding out of the man. That much holds true for Branch Warren – a bodybuilder who was known for his furious and insanely intense training and in his prime was often a contender in the top five at Mr. Olympia. Branch has since retired from competing on the professional stage – but that hasn’t stopped him from training like a maniac and keeping up his massive physique.

In the latest video compilation update from Fazi Fitness, you can see Branch Warren’s latest video update showcasing his training session while also showing off shirtless his powerful physique. This just goes to show how bodybuilding is a lifestyle first and foremost. More than a sport, more than a hobby – it’s something that stays with you long after the pro career is over.

Beyond his incredible pro bodybuilding career, Branch Warren was one of the featured characters in the original Generation Iron film – providing a much wider platform to showcase the intense training and gritty bodybuilding lifestyle that would eventually become a mainstay of Branch Warren’s “brand.” You can watch Generation Iron online today right here.

You can watch Branch’s latest hardcore training and impressive physique in the video above. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.

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