Highlight of Brandon Curry at the Olympia 2019 press conference.

A lot has been said about the Men’s Open division when it comes to the line up and who has the best chance of being crowned Mr. Olympia champion. The most often repeated phrase has been that the Olympia is “wide open” for anyone to win. So of course, frontrunner Brandon Curry was asked if he thinks that the Olympia is wide open for anyone to win this year – he wanted to put an end to that sentiment immediately. For Brandon Curry the Olympia 2019 isn’t wide open – it’s his to win and no one else is going to take that away from him.

That’s simply a highlight from Brandon Curry’s moment on the mic during the Olympia 2019 press conference – but he was given quite a bit of time to discuss other matters such as his recent injury scare when a piece of gym equipment almost crushed him to the floor. Brandon goes into more detail about the accident and how he didn’t even realize how bad it looked until he saw the video for himself.

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