Brandon Curry looks truly more massive than ever in his latest training update.

Brandon Curry has one of the most motivational success stories in the recent history of bodybuilding. Not too long again Brandon was not a true threat to the top 6 at Mr. Olympia. Far from it, he was struggling to even get qualified. Frustrated with the struggle, Brandon Curry eventually shifted gears, hit up Kuwait to train with the Camel Crew, and has transformed his physique and his career into champion status. He’s now one of the top contenders going into the Mr. Olympia and a bodybuilder that has a realistic chance to becoming a Mr. Olympia champion one day in the future. Could 2019 be his year?

Fazi Fitness has compiled the latest video of pro bodybuilder training updates 13 weeks out from the Olympia competition. This includes the latest training footage of Brandon Curry… who looks to be bigger in the size than we’ve ever seen him before. Can he bring in that size with masterful conditioning to take home a Sandow trophy? Only time will tell – but the early peek into Brandon’s 2019 physique indicate we’ll have a true threat on the stage in the form of Brandon Curry.

Check out the video above and make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.


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