The reason Brandon Curry will be Shawn Rhoden’s biggest threat.

Brandon Curry has had one of the most exciting transformations in recent memory. A competitor who was once not deemed a threat at all has gone to Kuwait, put on incredible mass, tightened up his conditioning, and is now one of the top contenders at the Mr. Olympia.

But it’s more than that – with the way the chips are falling this year, Brandon Curry will be the biggest threat to Shawn Rhoden at Mr. Olympia 2019.

Recent photos of Brandon show he just might bring his best physique of his entire career this year – and with no Phil Heath or Big Ramy on stage posing as a threat, the path is wide and clear for Brandon to take down Shawn Rhoden.

What makes it even more exciting is that Brandon’s strengths can battle against Shawn’s weakness and vice versa. So it really is anyone’s game between the two come this September.

Generation Iron’s very own Nick Trigili breaks down in detail the reason why Brandon Curry will be the number one threat to Shawn Rhoden and why it will be a truly exciting face off. Check it out above!


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