Racism is prevalent across the country – but how does it affect bodybuilding?

The discussion revolved around racism has taken on a new form in recent years in a country that feels more divided than ever before. This has affected almost every region and sector of American culture. This includes sports. This includes bodybuilding.

The video above put together by our content partner Williams Fitness is not a discussion as to whether or not racism is more or less prevalent in bodybuilding vs other sports. It’s also not about whether or not racism in bodybuilding exists. Instead this is a breakdown of Williams Fitness’ personal experience witness racism via the internet across his original content… and the comments he sees across social media in doing his research on bodybuilding trends and news stories. It’s a borderline rant from a person who is sick of what he is seeing – and wants to see a change.

How does racism affect bodybuilding? In the same way its affected millions of lives across the country in many different and painful ways. More of a public service announcement than a in depth exploration – the video is a plea to make bodybuilding a sport that can stand above the rest. Check it out above. Do you agree with his sentiments? Let us know in the comments!

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